an alternative GATT/BLE implementation
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This is a very small sample showing, how to define a very small GATT server.

#include <bluetoe/server.hpp>
#include <bluetoe/service.hpp>
#include <bluetoe/characteristic.hpp>
#include <cstdint>
std::int32_t temperature;
* A server consists of at least one service
bluetoe::bind_characteristic_value< decltype( temperature ), &temperature >,
> temperature_service;
a very simple device to bind a characteristic to a global variable to provide access to the character...
Definition: characteristic_value.hpp:254
A characteristic is a typed value that is accessable by a GATT client hosted by a GATT server.
Definition: characteristic.hpp:160
Root of the declaration of a GATT server.
Definition: server.hpp:85
a 128-Bit UUID used to identify a service.
Definition: service.hpp:57
a service with zero or more characteristics
Definition: service.hpp:150
if added as option to a characteristic, read access is removed from the characteristic
Definition: characteristic_value.hpp:47