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bluetoe::appearance Struct Reference

enumeration of appearances ( More...

#include <bluetoe/appearance.hpp>

Public Types

using unknown = device_appearance< 0x0000 >
using phone = device_appearance< 0x0040 >
 Generic Phone.
using computer = device_appearance< 0x0080 >
 Generic Computer.
using watch = device_appearance< 0x00c0 >
 Generic Watch.
using sports_watch = device_appearance< 0x00c1 >
 Watch: Sports Watch.
using clock = device_appearance< 0x0100 >
 Generic Clock.
using display = device_appearance< 0x0140 >
 Generic Display.
using remote_control = device_appearance< 0x0180 >
 Generic Remote Control.
using eye_glasses = device_appearance< 0x01c0 >
 Generic Eye-glasses.
using tag = device_appearance< 0x0200 >
 Generic Tag.
using keyring = device_appearance< 0x0240 >
 Generic Keyring.
using media_player = device_appearance< 0x0280 >
 Generic Media Player.
using barcode_scanner = device_appearance< 0x02c0 >
 Generic Barcode Scanner.
using thermometer = device_appearance< 0x0300 >
 Generic Thermometer.
using ear_thermometer = device_appearance< 0x0301 >
 Thermometer: Ear.
using heart_rate_sensor = device_appearance< 0x0340 >
 Generic Heart rate Sensor.
using heart_rate_belt = device_appearance< 0x0341 >
 Heart Rate Sensor: Heart Rate Belt.
using blood_pressure = device_appearance< 0x0380 >
 Generic Blood Pressure.
using blood_pressure_arm = device_appearance< 0x0381 >
 Blood Pressure: Arm.
using blood_pressure_wrist = device_appearance< 0x0382 >
 Blood Pressure: Wrist.
using human_interface_device = device_appearance< 0x03c0 >
 Human Interface Device (HID)
using keyboard = device_appearance< 0x03c1 >
 Keyboard (HID subtype)
using mouse = device_appearance< 0x03c2 >
 Mouse (HID subtype)
using joystick = device_appearance< 0x03c3 >
 Joystick (HID subtype)
using gamepad = device_appearance< 0x03c4 >
 Gamepad (HID subtype)
using digitizer_tablet = device_appearance< 0x03c5 >
 Digitizer Tablet (HID subtype)
using card_reader = device_appearance< 0x03c6 >
 Card Reader (HID subtype)
using digital_pen = device_appearance< 0x03c7 >
 Digital Pen (HID subtype)
using hid_barcode_scanner = device_appearance< 0x03c8 >
 Barcode Scanner (HID subtype)
using glucose_meter = device_appearance< 0x0400 >
 Generic Glucose Meter.
using running_walking_sensor = device_appearance< 0x0440 >
 Generic: Running Walking Sensor.
using in_shoe_running_walking_sensor = device_appearance< 0x0441 >
 Running Walking Sensor: In-Shoe.
using on_shoe_running_walking_sensor = device_appearance< 0x0442 >
 Running Walking Sensor: On-Shoe.
using on_hip_running_walking_sensor = device_appearance< 0x0443 >
 Running Walking Sensor: On-Hip.
using cycling = device_appearance< 0x0480 >
 Generic: Cycling.
using cycling_computer = device_appearance< 0x0481 >
 Cycling: Cycling Computer.
using cycling_speed_sensor = device_appearance< 0x0482 >
 Cycling: Speed Sensor.
using cycling_cadence_sensor = device_appearance< 0x0483 >
 Cycling: Cadence Sensor.
using cycling_power_sensor = device_appearance< 0x0484 >
 Cycling: Power Sensor.
using cycling_speed_and_cadence_sensor = device_appearance< 0x0485 >
 Cycling: Speed and Cadence Sensor.
using pulse_oximeter = device_appearance< 0x0c40 >
 Generic: Pulse Oximeter.
using fingertip_pulse_oximeter = device_appearance< 0x0c41 >
 Fingertip (Pulse Oximeter)
using wrist_worn_pulse_oximeter = device_appearance< 0x0c42 >
 Wrist Worn (Pulse Oximeter)
using weight_scale = device_appearance< 0x0c80 >
 Generic: Weight Scale.
using outdoor_sports_activity = device_appearance< 0x1440 >
 Generic: Outdoor Sports Activity.
using location_display_device = device_appearance< 0x1441 >
 Location Display Device.
using location_and_navigation_display_device = device_appearance< 0x1442 >
 Location and Navigation Display Device.
using location_pod = device_appearance< 0x1443 >
 Location Pod.
using location_and_navigation_pod = device_appearance< 0x1444 >
 Location and Navigation Pod.

Detailed Description

enumeration of appearances (

The class contains a lot of alias-declarations for known, assigned device appearances. Pass one of the types to the server definition, to define the appearance to the GATT client.

This will define, the GAP Appearance Characteristic value of the GAP service for GATT server.

See also
unsigned temperature_value = 0;
> small_temperature_service;
Root of the declaration of a GATT server.
Definition: server.hpp:85
a service with zero or more characteristics
Definition: service.hpp:150
add the appearance of the device to the advertising data
Definition: appearance.hpp:161
device_appearance< 0x0300 > thermometer
Generic Thermometer.
Definition: appearance.hpp:80
See also

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